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Super Freak starring Cookie Lazarone, Glenn Dowling, Jack Morris, David McCormick and Betty DeHart




Super Freak starring Elaine Price, R.H. Schlieker, Joe Luther, Windol Weaver and Judy McPherson





Rockin Around the Christmas Tree: Cam Lee, Gene Thomas, David McCormick, Windol Weaver, and Glenn Dowling.




Disco Christmas: Bill Colson, Barbara Thomas, Margaret Carpenter, Lynda Ball, and Bill Wallace.




Cam Lee, Marcia Ransom, Judy McPherson, Ron Marshall and Eddie Daniel enjoy a sled competition.




Penguin Rock Band with classmates, David McCormick, Bill Colson, Jack Morris, Brenda Brown and Cookie Lazarone




Corky Dyer, Beverly Zemanek, Margaret Carpenter, Ann Sullivan and Linda Restivo are "Rockin Around the Christmas Tree"








Ann Page and husband Bill




Cam Lee amd David McCormick




Lynda Ball and husband Bill Wallace!




Barbara Thomas and Lanny Burkhalter





Jimmy Bruns and wife Dottie



Margaret Carpenter and Glenn Gregg


Donnie Hughes




Ron Marshall and wife Joyce




Corky and Beverly Dyer



Marcia Ransom and husband Joe



Brenda Brown and husband Pete



Esther Norcross and husband Sanders



Gene Thomas and husband Ryan



Bill Colson, Gene Thomas, Cam Lee, Glenn Gregg, Lanny Burkhalter
I Will Survive



Joe Wilder, Bill Wallace, Ann Porter, Lynda Wallace, Martha Amis
                                            Skeleton Dance