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•   Justin Estes Kidd  3/17
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We all wish you a very 

Happy Birthday!





Cross of Love

Blood and sorrow flow from the languid brow of Jesus dying;

and tears from Heaven's eyes are the

anguished drops of a Father crying,

"Oh, why/"

Emblem of his pain, oh splintered wood of my transgression

I'll never comprehend how an act so great gave

love expression--Oh, why?

This must be a cross of love

for God to bruise His only Son.

Jesus, what a sacrifice to reach us,

it had to be a cross of love!

And the people jeered at Him and mocked His holy name,

for they kniew not who He was, now why it was He came.

Some had come to offer help to soothe a mother's pain,

but as she watched her wounded Son, the comfort never came,

Oh, why?

This must be a cross of love

for God to bruise His only son.

Jesus, what a sacrifice to reach us,

it had to be a cross of love.





Seven Days In The Holy Land

With Franklin Graham

Filmed on location where some of the greatest stories
ever told actually happened.
Click on "Seven Days In The Holy Land"
to enjoy the experience.



In recent years, we have seen devastating environmental disasters
—tornadoes, fires, floods, hurricanes and snow storms—that have destroyed
homes and entire communities. We have seen random school shootings that
have taken the lives of innocent students, leaving families emotionally distraught.
We have seen sadistic terrorist attacks tear at the very foundation of a nation’s
security and identity, ushering in waves of fear and hatred. And the list goes on …

Every day we either read or watch or hear of a new disaster, so that the one that happened yesterday is quickly forgotten with the news of one that happens today.
And the one that happens today will be driven from our minds by what happens tomorrow. Even if the disaster is of record-breaking, biblical proportions, within a
short time it is no longer front-page news and becomes just a statistic or an asterisk
in other stories. We soon forget that those who lived through whatever the disaster
was are still struggling to cope.

To take the next breath. To survive financially and physically and emotionally
and in every other way. It can be overwhelming to rebuild. From scratch. From
nothing into something. The comeback trail can be long and hard and flooded with tears.

Which is why Easter pulsates with hope! After the horror of the cross on Friday,
after the agony of knowing that God’s Son was dead on Saturday, the beginning
of His Comeback Story exploded into human history with an empty tomb!



Today as I sit in our peaceful home, I think about the sadness that must have
drenched those who loved Jesus and watched Him die. I consider that it was
my sin that day that He bore; as I know if it had been only me. He still would have
come. WOW. We know the end of the story today, but think about those who
walked the earth with Him. At this time they were grieving and afraid, sorrowful and scared. They had just watched their Lord die a horrible death. How would I have reacted? I hope that I would have been found faithful but I wonder...the minor trials
in my life seem to take such a toll on my attitude that I have to question, would I have been like Thomas or worse yet, like Judas? So easy to judge them from this vantage point but yet, we doubt and betray God in so many ways every day. This season is a wonderful time to reflect and to recommit to full dedication to Christ. No one took His life...He laid it down willingly. 






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